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Selected projects and collaborations


Body of Knowledge by Samara Hersch, theatre performance

speculative bitches by Nuray Demir, performance

Institutional Dramaturgies, workshop with Nienke Scholts


A Song To Hear You Arriving
by Sofia Dinger, performance

Upstairs Geology V by Ira Melkonyan, performance/installation


My Home at the Intersection by Abhishek Thapar, theatre performance

Looking for Lena
with Nathan Fain, performance lecture

Daylight Chamber with Nienke Scholts, a space for reflection

Performance Platform
, Amsterdam-based cross-institutional online platform for the mapping and relfection of current artistic landscapes


Artist talk program for Bâtard Festival


Academy of Creative Resistance, artistic workshop program for Foreign Affairs festival

Right Is the Might of the Community
with Nathan Fain, performance lecture